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We are the Glocal Association

We're bringing together locals, newcomers, expats and global residents (Glocals) to assist in integration and continuing support in Zug Community. A safe environment where people, no matter their age, nationality, gender, religion or culture can feel welcome and have an opportunity to integrate into their new society, find friends, and work together to grow, learn and flourish.

Special Events

No events at the moment

Upcoming Events

We're there to support you

If you'd like more information or would like to join one of our online community groups, please head to Facebook and follow our Facebook Page for up to date information and event listings. You can also email us at:


Glocal Mums

Location varies - check the WhatsApp Group

As you move away from your Pregnant & New Mums stage of life, we welcome you as a Glocal Mum.



Check the WhatsApp Group for starting locations. Monday Mornings, Thursday Evenings.

All abilities. Move your body and lighten the mental load.


Pregnant & New Mums

Depending on your Due Date. Contact us to find your group.

Are you pregnant or mum to a new baby (doesn't have to be your first!)? Join our Pregnant & New Mums Groups to meet other parents going through similar experiences.


Supper Sisters

Freiruum, Thursday evenings from 19:30

The Supper Sisters is for women over 40 looking for friendship, connection and laughter.


Stories & Songs

Select Tuesdays @ 9.30 - 10.30am @ Zug Library

Join for an hour of Story Telling, Songs and Craft with your little ones.


Dads Group

Details on the WhatsApp group.

Dad - are you looking to connect too? Join our Dads Group and grow your community!


Zug Families


A friendly space providing support to local and Glocal members of the Zug community online. This is a safe space to share information, express ideas & ask questions.


Positive Menopause Switzerland

Online with meetups across Switzerland

Finally! A group to help connect and comfort the international and local community here in Zug and the rest of Switzerland.


Infant Feeding/Stilltreff

Monthly breast and infant feeding meet-up. Check website for dates and times.

This Monthly Drop in is for parents looking for some simple guidance for their infant feeding journey.

In the news

The Glocal is growing and we're proud of our achievements. We're also proud of our community's success and will always share any news that can help improve mental health.

We're Social

We're active on Instagram and Facebook and love to share. Feel free to give us a like, follow or tag and share the support! 
or Email us:

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