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Support your Glocal

The Glocal association is a non-profit association, politically independent and non-denominational. It’s purpose is to connect people of all generations, culture, gender and race; strengthen co-existence and contribute to integration and equal opportunities.


To do this The Glocal Association will implement a centre which will become the hub of the community providing a safe, welcoming environment for locals and newcomers to learn from one another, receive support, guidance and education from professionals or just to have a place to sit and drink a coffee and read a book or magazine. 

Support The Glocal Association

Support your community
Leave a one-time donation

Thank you for helping us make a difference!


You can make a contribution via bank transfer to the account below. 

The Glocal Association

Cham, 6330, Zug, CH

IBAN: CH39 0027 3273 1930 5101 X


Please ensure you include your name and provide us with an email address so we can send you a receipt of donation. 

By donating, you'll be helping us help...

Our Focus


Through Prevention and Early Intervention-centred services, we support our community to ensure they feel safe and free to open up to their peers.

Our Target Group


If you're human, you have feelings and are living in the Zug and Central Switzerland area, we want to support you. 

Mental Health does not discriminate and neither do we. 

Did you know?

LOSS OF SUPPORT NETWORK is cited as a top stressor for 42.8% of expats surveyed. The absence of the friend and family network compounds stress and anxiety suffered by expatriates on foreign soil.*

Donations +

With your donations, we will run the following with the intention of tarketing and supporting mental health: 

  • Community meetups

  • Community events

  • Support and therapy groups

50% expats surveyed...

were found to be at high risk of internalising common mental health issues such as anxiety and  depression.**

Any Donation

no matter how big or small will make a difference. 

Help us support your community and build a strohng sense of belonging and safety in Kanton Zug for ALL residents. 

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