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Supper Sisters

Freiruum, Thursday evenings from 19:30

Think dating is hard? Try finding platonic love in a new country!

It’s been estimated that it typically takes more than 200 hours, ideally over 6 weeks, for a stranger to grow into a close friend! And as we get older, the space we used to fill with nights out, gossip, and silliness can become consumed by more “adult” concerns such as marriage, kids, and careers (let’s not even look at managing the expat experience!).

It’s no wonder there are such high reports of loneliness and isolation in our over 40s community here in Zug. Making meaningful connections becomes so much more challenging when you have all the other ‘stuff’ going on in your life too!

That’s why we’re so excited to launch our latest group for women over 40’s in Zug!

The Supper Sisters is for women over 40 looking for friendship, connection and laughter. There needs to be laughter.

Location: Freiruum


Evening - 19:30 onwards


Responsible for own meal and drinks

As with our other groups, we’ll create a non-mandatory WhatsApp group you can join for location, time and attendance updates*.

*The TGA is run by volunteers, we would greatly appreciate if you can let our Group Leaders know with a text if you’ll be coming or not.


Supper Sisters
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