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"It creates more independence": Bra donation is intended to help disadvantaged women.

The association The Glocal and the clothing store Bratique collect bras at various locations in the canton of Zug on the occasion of International Women's Day. These are donated to women in Nigeria by the organization Soutien Girls.

Nora Baumgartner, 04.03.2023 Originally published in in Zuger Zeitung. Translated by The Glocal for English readers.

"We thought about how we could support women," explains Janet Prince. Together with Stephanie Mateo - both belong to the Zug association The Glocal (association for expats) - she organizes a project on the occasion of International Women's Day on March 8th.

Together with Bratique - a bra fitting service - the women collect bras for the Charity Soutien Girls (see info box).

Until Wednesday, March 8th, bras that are no longer used and in good condition can be handed in at the following locations in the canton of Zug: Mrs. Sporty, Love on a Hanger (both Baar), International Parents Kids Club (Zug), Plaza Cafe (Cham ) and Aegeri High Heels (Unterageri).


About the Charity

Soutien Girls is a charity that sends bras to Nigeria and distributes

them to women who do not have financial support. This Women are often widowed or single. She sell the bras as a small business to raise money for groceries or their children's education to deserve.

Further information on the project can be found on the website


The Idea came up in October

Why bras? Prince says: "Underwear is often not accepted by other collection points for clothing and textiles and then often ends up in landfills." A targeted collection of items that carry a stigma is both useful and environmentally friendly.

"The idea came about in October last year when Stephanie met Anna-Maree Stephens from Bratique," explains Prince. The latter supports the Soutien Girls already, and this has resulted in a good working relationship. In mid-February, the three decided to Putting the idea into practice, with the background of International Women's Day.

The contact through Bratique is not the only reason why they chose this charity. “100 percent of the donations benefit the women and their families”, explains Prince. This gives the women the opportunity to sell the donated bras and thus earn money themselves instead of simply sending them money.

Give women independence

The women are then allowed to keep part of the proceeds from the sale. "It gives them more independence, which is very important to us," said the President. The other part goes to a fund that enables children from poor families to go to school.

Janet Prince wants to feel with the women of Zug to awaken that they support a good cause. "The Feeling can be very encouraging." Prince hopes that the project can become an annual event and to collect as many bras as possible this year. “The more we have, the more women and Families can benefit from this."

This article has be translated and published here to assist English readers access information in Switzerland. The Glocal does not claim any ownership or intellectual property rights over any information, text or imagery published in this blog post.

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