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Toddler Survivors

New location every 2 weeks starting 30 August, 09:30 - 11:30

Remember when you thought the newborn stage was the hardest? And suddenly you’ve found yourself facing off against a tyrannical two year old demanding to be held, but also not touched, who needs a snack and definitely a nap, but has to find that one sock you are sure you got rid of last week or else the world will literally end for them?

Breathe, we’ve got you. This is why we’re launching our Toddler Survivors group. Toddler Survivors aims to be a bit of everything - a safe place for families to meet, as well as an opportunity to check in with other parents and make sure we’re all getting through these particularly challenging years. Where we can share tips and tricks and lament together that Tommy, who loved carrots on Monday, now can’t even have one in the same house as him on Wednesday.

We’ll be changing up locations so we can explore what Zug and surrounds has to offer. Plus its always nice for a change of scene.

For our first meetup on 30 August

Location: Strandbad Badi (check WhatsApp group if the weather is bad).

Time: 9:30 to 11:30, but of course feel free to stay longer.

As with our other groups, we’ll create a non-mandatory WhatsApp group you can join for location, time and attendance updates*.

*The TGA is run by volunteers, we would greatly appreciate if you can let our Group Leaders know with a text if you’ll be coming or not.


Toddler Survivors
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