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Zug Families


We've decided to administrate a new online group - ZUG FAMILIES.

This facebook group has been created out of several needs.

  1. 1Our Pregnant and New Mums needed a safe space online to continue their information sharing, supportive messaging and updates once their babies turn 12 months.

  2. There has been a significant lack of PARENTAL support for families in Zug on Facebook for some years. We know Covid-19 really did a number on these groups and so we want to breathe new life into a space that's been somewhat forgotten of roped in with the wonderful Mum and Women groups that are out there.

  3. The Glocal's primary goal is to prevent and intervene early for those facing a mental health issue or crisis. By creating a supportive online network for both mums, dads and carers, this group provides useful information and events in Zug for FAMILIES.

Head over to Facebook and search for Zug Families and join our active group with the TGA logo.

Zug Families
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